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I help YOUR business succeed organically on social media! None of these bots or automation programs that leave you ghosted on social media. Get Social With Nicole works with clients around the world by helping them save time growing their business to its full potential online so that they can have more balance in their lives! Do you wish you could have more time to spend with your kiddos instead of checking in on social media? Do you find yourself craving a little more time to enjoy that morning cup of joe? Daily tasks can start to take over your day and push smaller tasks to the back burner - we understand. Posting to social media accounts tends to be one of those tasks that gets neglected for a lot of people due to the piling up of daily responsibilities and urgent tasks. The idea that “Facebook can wait - I’ll post tomorrow” is all too real. As tomorrow turns into next week, and next week into next month, you’ll eventually wake up to realize you no longer have an active social media account. You’ve gone silent. Get help today staying active online!

Community Engagement

Don't just build your followers, engage with them too! Social media is a two way street; the more engagement you show outside of your own content the more your account will be seen and the more potential customers will see you. I personally research your target audience and like/comment on their pictures to build trusting relationships organically.

Content Management

We want to bring you customers who absolutely adore what you do! Grow your network, build your reputation and make more money with the awesomeness of social media, professionally managed by us.

Content Creation

It’s important that followers are getting fresh content from your brand on a regular basis in order to keep reminding them of your company. Struggling to think of the next few posts for your social media site? Are you creatively drained? Do you need a banner, invite, or any other type of content? Let us put our creative juices to work for you!

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What Clients Say

Gisela Cardenas

Business Owner -Yantra Bohemia Boutique

I highly recommend Nicole for any social media strategy and management. My experience with Nicole has exceed my expectations - I couldn’t ask for better service. All tasks are always completed in a professional and timely manner. My Social Media Feeds are looking awesome! Thanks Nicole for your help ♡♡

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Women's Coach

I'm super pleased with Nicole's efficiency, talented design work, care and attention to detail and professional style. It has been a wonderful decision to work with virtual balance and I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I can outsource to an expert. Highly recommended!

Alex Bovkis

Business Owner- Shanti Yoga Studio In Hamilton

I just started working with Nicole, and I am happy to say that I feel I found the perfect person to assist me with the Social Media. I am watching the numbers of the followers on my Instagram grow every week.

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